Monday, 28 March 2016

This is my Europe!

Yes, this is my Europe not yours.The place where the bones of my ancestors lay. The place where I grew up. The place where my children will grow.This is our land, land that my people died for in the millions fending endless conquests.The way I am part of this land and it is part of me-you will never feel it.So don't talk to me like you understand. Because you don't. And you never will. Oh and by the way:
This is my sky, not yours. I can see you smiling, unable to comprehend my hick stubbornness.
But is this guy so stupid, doesn't he know the sky is for everybody-I can hear you ask.Like I said-you wouldn't even understand. But just as a warning-the bond that the land creates with it's people is stronger than you may think.

It is after all, us the people that make the land. Yes, it has been here for millions of years, but it didn't know what it was before we settled it. The people came and changed the land, they were sometimes cruel and sometimes caring but they are the ones that shaped this land, plowed the fields and cut the trees, we made it what it is. And it needs us to remind it what it is.Yes us, not you.Yes, I know things change and populations move, religions and politics shift, but it has never happened in one night, in one generation even.

And yes, my people paid the heaviest price for that land.Many times.Do you know what giaur means? It s the Turkish word for kufar-unbeliever, but it was basically an euphemism for sub-human while the Ottoman Empire ruled the Balkans. My people lived through that and kept telling the land what it was so it doesn't forget. So when a loony politician tells me islam and political islam have it s place in Europe, sorry but I take it you guys just declared war on your own people

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