Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Why Sargon is right

So recently popular Youtuber Sargon of Akkad unleashed a furious rant on something that worries many of us-the indoctrination of young people in Western Universities. The examples he provides in the clip speak for themselves, the results that said indoctrination brings to our society are also there for all to see.  The results of that indoctrination have cumulative effect that we are only starting to see. So there were really a lot of critics from the Youtubers and there were some tweets as well.

The examples I point are from people that theoretically should be on the same front with Sargon-an outspoken critic of the rising tide of intersectional feminism mixed with new trend in left political thinking-one that Majid Nawaz quite creatively coined as the regressive left. Those critics to me seem too knee-jerk. They all seem to omit the fact that a petition at Change.org doesn't hold any official value and it is in no way a document that could bring change by itself. Now if we write off the option that Sargon is an idiot who doesn't understand that, which I think anyone that has watched his videos will agree is not the case, the only possible explanation of him starting the petition is that he wants to start a conversation with raised bets, to push the whole argument on a higher level. I don't know if I m alone in this(now I know it's at least me and Sargon) , but with every new idiocy of social justice-programmed zombies I felt there is a need for this problem to be scrutinized by the whole society and by governmental institutions.

There has been "straight-out-of-Tumbler" quotes sneaking in the speeches of both democratic candidates for the US presidential elections. Doesn't necessary mean they believe in the regressive left values, it means they noted the change of the young, voting demographic opinions and tried to adjust accordingly. We see similar trends on lower political level in the UK and Sweden and Canada have been the flagships of course. And yes-this is exactly how politicians act, they don't care which is wrong and which is right, they only want to say and enact whatever will bring them to power. So it is weird for me that so many people that agree that the new "progressive" left is cancer don't see how by remaining silent or bashing it in their echo-chamber on Twitter or Youtube they are enabling it.

In the tweeter examples I bring everyone can see what we are talking about: racial hatred, unrestricted bigotry and I mean...come on SOFT segregation? As a father from Eastern Europe(i.e. since I can afford there hasn't be doubt till now in my mind I'll send my daughter to a good Western uni) I definitely am concerned. I don't want some loon to attack my daughter just because she is white and I can see development that can lead to such grim future. I don't want her to become self-hating, blue-haired retard spouting nonsense in scientifically covered feminism-speak. She may do mistakes, but those must be the mistakes of her own.

So yeah, I signed the petition and I've been thinking of more initiatives this time on behalf of concerned parents like myself-after all if nothing else unis might listen to us as potential customers they are about to lose.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

The absurd controversy that islamic patriarchy sparks in "progressive" minds

When confronted with the fact that the muslim community in the West which they tend to patronize is the one with most sins against the empowerment of women "progressives" react differently. The outright denial of plainly laid in front of them facts speaks volumes how deep their wicked belief that Islam and liberal movement have a common fight has been planted.Such form of arguing can be won as yet another case unfolds and gets mainstream media attention depending how thick the "progressives" skull is.What is even more shocking is how modern day crusaders for social justice read the facts when they admit it.

Let's compare the situation replacing muslim kids with ANY other 2 boys refusing to shake their female teacher's hand. You shrugged imagining the twitter shitstorm didn't you?In the last 2 years we have seen careers  destroyed over statements that could obviously be read both ways-as sexist and as innocent.But when an obviously backwards believe leads to an obviously sexist act the same hate mob tends to excuse it with-"But those are these boy's traditions, this is their culture". Tradition and culture that tell men women are lesser than them? Hello guys, let me connect the blue dots for you-this is the mythical patriarchy you've been looking for!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Have you ever considered how ironically easy it is to contradict yourself while fanboying around an important issue? The fighters against islamophobia are often prime examples. Let's examine the following exchange:
Anne Marie Waters is a leader in the much hated by leftists and big media PegidaUK.Now I get it, this is an organization that steps into muddy waters-anti immigration politics has always been the backbone of the white supremacy movements. The thing is their stated goals do not contain anything resembling "kill all blacks" or "Europe for white people". They say they oppose Islam and mass immigration for fear of losing local national identity and due to Islam's notorious hostility towards people that refuse to convert to it.That can't be racist UNTIL AND IF those goals get tied to a racial or gender identity.You can't just imply you read the mind of someone and accuse him of nasty things. You can't also tie certain ideas to one another because they were tied in previously in some ideologies.You can have your suspicions, but saying "I know that you are a racist" is bigoted and self-contradiction. Since any statement can pursue political agenda you may have also be blamed that very accusation is biased and manipulative and since this has happened before such claim would be as true/untrue as yours.

My girlfriend often cites something of a credo she developed in her teenage "I never trust people that wrongly think bad of myself-people always think of the others as similar to them.And really good people trust others have good intentions too and only those that done or thought bad always suspect the others into being in the wrong". So can we give each other the benefit of the doubt, always start with the assumption that what was said was coming from a good place? I believe this will make us better people.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Let's not fool ourselves-SJW's indeed always lie

As the increasingly popular title by Vox Dei states SJW's always lie. If you didn't know by now raise a hand. Good, now use it to slap yourself-it is by default and you should of figured by now based just on common sense. Someone that unironically calls himself Social Justice Warrior should first have his personality and ego checked before checking other people's privilege. Even if we chose to ignore the fact that such can usually be found hashtagging or blogging on Tumbler instead of doing anything that would promote real change the buffoonery and lack of diligence when you label yourself in such way are there for all to see.So when we get to their widely discussed controversial tactics you should've already known-there is something rotten in this apple.

The question that has been bothering me is: how did we end up here? The fact that it is a scary place and the sight that lies ahead is the worst part has already been established.Demographics will take it's toll and there will be a day when roving tumblerites will be the voting majority.The explanation is often that "progressive" professors in universities across US and Europe poison the minds of the youth and quite obviously it holds some truth.While I agree I personally believe there is more to that.As I several times pointed the Tumbler-sphere is an unique World of it's own where being SJW somehow equals being edgy and counter-culture. As one of the early Tumbler-celebrities puts it: "If you are rich or hot you have instagram, if you are cool, with many friends you go to Facebook and if you have many followers you go to Twitter. And if you have none of that you make a Tumbler":In essence-social media for outcasts or the Facebook alternative of 4chan.

Another venue that the "progressive" thought flows freely into the public's minds through is the desire of every simpleton to look and sound smarter. That can be noticed on both sides of the fence whenever there is any big, public debate and SJW vs everybody else makes no exception. It could be seen well exemplified on Reddit  after latest incident involving Lauren Southern where her statement that "there are only 2 genders" was deemed so outrageous by one of the people arguing with her that she poured a bottle of urine on Southern's head.The vicious entitlement in the discussion could fuel with electricity a small town.Apparently Southern was stupid for stating there are only 2 genders-that was the only logical argument against what she said.Every other comment of like 20 was "she was meme-ing IRL she is so damn stupid". Smart people actually know what they find stupid and enjoy debunking it, if you call other people stupid without even the slightest attempt to argue their opinions you just made a fool of yourself.

Last but not in importance and connected to the Tumbler-sphere is the sense of unity.We are tribal beings, being part of the pack is something every human longs for. I have experienced it myself being a smart and shy nerd from a good family who at the age of 16 got hooked with the punks in my city and I can testify this longing for being a part of something is stronger than those who never gave to it can suppose.Being part of the SJW crowd doesn't take much effort and pays off in feeding many of our little desires. As I pointed above it can help the dumb feel smarter, the bigot a saint and the lonely a part of something.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

How I travelled through time

Today I realized I am a traveler through time. Wasn't as easy to figure it but it suddenly hit me as I was browsing twitter and stumbled upon this:


So I come from the distant past 20 years ago when I started pursuing an early retirement plan. To achieve that in a destroyed Eastern European country while not being a genius and still preserving some morals I had to give on many things. Gaming and night life are the 2 I always knew of in particular. Now I came to understand news is something I gave up on too. For last I remember when I took on my travel through time from communist Bulgaria Independent was the enemy. Guardian too, even Morning Star was not in favour of the workers around the world enough to be ally of the communists.

You may point these views are quite far from what Marx has ever taught as the progressive way of thinking on display is shaped by few fringe 20 th century philosophers and rightly so. "Progressives" and Tumbler communists are as far from the original ideology as Mao was from Ayn Rand. The thing is before my younger self departed on his travel he used to read a lot including ever foreign newspaper I could lay my hands on and the sentiment in such media was that communism is wrong, equality of outcome too.Even Morning Star was all about equality inside the current economical and political system-ironic, isn't it?

 Oppressors, victims when it seemed we have just shaken off such dichotomy, how did we go back so fast? And your race or gender being more important than the social status of your parents? You know what, any black woman from a rich household can mail me-I ll trade my white penis for her millions and never look back.So how did the popular opinion shift to sympathizing to this weird, victimhood- narrated reflection of marxism? I don't know, I only recently arrived here.