Wednesday, 25 July 2018

An open letter to Kobe Bryant

You are angry that there are people telling you to shut up and dribble . Fair enough, sounds demeaning. But did you even for a second consider the implications behind this? People like you because you are good with the orange ball. It in no way means you are good with words, knowledgeable in politics or able to come to the right conclusions from such points. You could as well be but your insistence to speak from a position of authority is really not backed up by anything here.

But wait, maybe you are using your platform? Speaking for the folks that can not be heard? Well, how about you bring up those folks and let them speak? Because you do realize how it sounds when a black man worth 350 million talks about racial injustice and inequality to white folks who barely meet ends and still spare $200 to watch the NBA? These are the people that made your 350 million bucks Kobe. And do you know how these money gathered? By digging in mines, cleaning up the city streets, putting their lives at risk so that you can walk around safely, by cultivating the crops we get for almost free. That sounds like a real inequality to me. These guys left their health at the bottom of some hole for a few bucks. And from those few they most likely took away 200/month so that they can watch you. Watch you play ball. Play ball for 350 million.

Inequality has many axes. If you bring up just one and keep linking it to skin colour that's racism-plain and simple. Social Justice circles are coming to terms with that lately and more and more openly admit their "whiteness" talk is racist and they are racist themselves. It's up to you and the rest of us to decide where we stand on the issue.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Quick debunking of the "that wasn't true communism" meme

The neo communists like to repeat the "that wasn't true communism" meme to oblivion. As someone who spent his childhood under one of those not-so-real-communist regimes my childhood I can see what is wrong with this claim with ease. Let me entertain just one argument that does not require deep knowledge of our recent history tho. Approximately half of the world's population lived under communism until the 1990's. As any governmental system the authorities in these countries were recruiting people to do the planning for how and where the state would move. There was more or less a system of meritocracy in choosing the rulers of these countries too(we can all agree that never goes just one way-full nepotism or full meritocracy). Communist countries had intelligentsia that was in no way worse than the one the West had. Given how one of the most prominent American thinkers of the 80's was Camille Paglia with her "deep analysis" of the works of....yes, Madonna, I'd say ideological rigor actually did a huge favour to the East. Now if you think of this-selected from 2 bill + people that's awful lot of smart, little cogs in the wheels of the communist machine. And all these cogs have read and well understood the works of Marx and Engels. Now how did none of these thousands and thousands of really smart people not understand their countries only call themselves communist but are in fact on wrong track? Well, if you read even a tiny bit of history of these countries(and this tells you how "well read" the neo commies are) you would know and understand why that was. But if you are a know-it-all 19 year old you think that you actually vastly exceed all these people and you understand the world better than they did. This is the only logical explanation of the "that wasn't true communism" meme-you know it all and they didn't. The fact that just a tiny drop of self reflection should make you step back and look at your argument from more than one angle but they fail to do it is telling of the integrity and cognitive ability of those throwing it around.

Monday, 8 August 2016

The progressive religion and the sinners who repent

I call it the capo paradox because the first time I noticed it was while reading one of Mario Puzo's books as teenager. There was a glaring error in the story line-the mafia boss was really pious and he was donating to the church and to widows. Didn't he know this is a zero-sum effort? If God exists he'd operate by the rules described in the bible, therefore tossing small percentage of your wealth to those in need would not excuse the horrible deeds a mafia boss does. So why waste time and energy? I took it for bad research or lazy writing and was quite surprised couple of years later when I found that indeed mafia bosses in Italy are exactly like that. I took it as proof that no one thinks of themselves as a bad person-when faced with overwhelming proof the boss "elevated" in his mind some activities making them equal to the sins he commits  but with opposite sign. As I was growing and learning of the world around me this guess of mine seemed weaker and weaker-the chain of conclusions wasn't really solid. But certain practices I learned about seemed to confirm the final result.As I witnessed the turmoil that the transition to democracy in Eastern Europe became I was acquainted to several people managing one or another form of criminal activity and they all suffered from the same syndrome. They'd sell drugs to minors and by the end of the year donate millions to an orphanage or even secure the living of a widow whose husband they "ordered" themselves.

Al Capone was paying for his infamous "soup kitchens" where the poor could get food for free

There are many other facts and stories I could bring that are common knowledge and back my claim.
The pedophiles fate when imprisoned for example-they often suffer from nasty "incidents" organized by their outraged cellmates.The prison authorities often work on segregating them from the "normal" criminals for their own safety which serves as confirmation that the attitude is widespread. So we have a bunch of murderers and rapists jumping on the chance to prove they are not as bad as the world thinks them of. As if I can hear them:
-See, we hate people that hurt children, we're not that bad!

The options to extend this list are almost unlimited and I'm sure those reading already thought of examples I didn't figure out. Saddam insisted on gender equality something quite revolutionary for the Middle East, Lenin loved children(not in THAT way you perv) and Nero was making many amends trying to improve the living of the poor

We got the same thing with SJW's, they "elevate" racism, homophobia and all the others, you name them. As long as they condemn all those -isms and -phobias they can't be the bad guys, right?
Having in mind that the darkest secrets in our lives are more likely to remain secrets it is surprising the amount of how many of the actively barking SJW's in the last 2 years have had serious morale flops reported about them. The list here is easy to compile tho will probably never be full:

>Sarah Nyberg-the famous fighter against GamerGate
>Lena Duhham-the famous feminist (if Trump wins one of the reasons will be her promise to move to Canada if this happens)
 >Jian Ghomeshi-supposedly fighting for equality with women, while the rape accusations against him remain questionable there is no argument over the fact that he used the position he obtained through such talk to abuse and degrade women as shown during the trial.
>Hugo Schwyzer who also claimed he puts women on pedestal until exactly the opposite has been proven

Just as I was writing this the last in the chain blew up: Matt Hickey, a progressive dudebro with aspiring career as a journalist has been caught red handed lying to random girls online and soliciting them to have sex with him.  Wait, the same Matt Hickey that the gamer world learned of when he viciously criticized Microsoft for throwing a bunch of half-naked dancers at a party they staged during the Game Developers Congress? As you can see from the following Matt seems to hold women in especially high regard and insist they receive all the respect possible even if women didn't ask for it specifically:

The doublefaced life of Matt is not the topic today tho it is worth noting how his acts are exactly the opposite  of what his ideals he claims are. What I want to underline is how nicely he fits the narrative, he is just another mafia boss that after murdering and destroying lives throws some pennies to the church and believes he's paid his due.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Why there were no revolutions in communist societies

Alright so first off the western idea that left means anti authoritarian is ridiculous. To pursue the idea of communism you need continuity. That by itself excludes the idea of democracy. What if people change their ideas tomorrow and vote someone that drops the course towards communism? From practical point of view you have all that time and working hours invested that will go to a complete waist if you decide to change the political regime. From ideological point democracy sounds even worse-you are going in the only right direction out of many possible, why would you let someone that has the wrong direction in mind to the elections? Therefore a communist regime has to be a dictatorship and other political parties can not be present under such rule.I can not claim it was on purpose nor that it was natural political evolution and instincts that lead to it but here is how that dictatorship was imposed and masked.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Our kid belongs to me!

So yesterday I witnessed a conversation between a friend of mine and his girlfriend-a couple since 5 months.He made a remark about his female colleagues spending the whole break in the toilets(the context was he couldn't pass a gift to one of them ). Somehow his girlfriend saw a generalized statement in that(implication that women spend too much time for banter) and went on a weird tirade.Although she is one of the few Bulgarian girls that I know interested in the rise of 3th wave feminism she didn't adopt the rhetoric we all too well know already, but instead started recounting the pros and cons of both sexes acting as if she was a fan at a football game.She made a list of things men do only because the Patriarchy gives them advantages and another of the sufferings of women under said Patriarchy, but most importantly she went on and on how there are obvious, scientifically proven facts of female superiority. Women are smarter, they are prettier(no one argues this one actually) and they are overall better workers due to being able to concentrate properly unlike men.If those are her beliefs they are bit contradictory but fine by me. What shocked me was when she touched on reproduction rights.If I were trying to defend the cause of feminism I would stay away from that topic or skip it with the usual excuses-"Yeah, sucks for fathers, but feminism is against those laws, they're obviously part of Patriarchy but so hard to fight such laws". To my remark that if people love and trust each other they don't need social sciences to teach them what's good for them and what not(how did THAT manage to trigger her?) she reacted with anger and disbelief.
-There is one thing that makes you dirty swines even-she almost screamed(we were waiting in a cue in McDonald's)-You make us girls cry but when we have babies from you it's time for you to cry. Because I can take my baby away any moment I want and you'll even pay me to raise it away from you.
To add context here she often calls men pigs or swines adding a sarcastic smile implying it's all in good humour-something the people around us couldn't know tho.
Did she realize she went bit too far at that moment? It seemed she didn't, she went on to rant about something else flawlessly.Was that a wake up call for my friend? I' m afraid not.

When Laurie met Milo

So the radical left blogger of some notoriety and huge self-importance Laura Barnett(pen name Laurie Penny) wrote a touching and horrifying report on her night out with Milo Yiannopoulos, the dangerously funny colleague of her from the other side of the political spectrum. Among cheap jabs at his identity as conservative which the latte-ridden, Oxford University educated communist Laurie took you could notice a line threading through the whole article-her hate and contempt of everything that does not fall in line with what she believes is true. I'm willing to skip the fact that she took Milo's desire to troll her for genuine interest(anyone aware of the internet culture in the last 10 years would understand that, even some of my barely literate fellow mmo-gamers), after all self-importance is a viable foundation around which the personality of each rabid feminist's ego is built.

But I'm not willing to write about Laurie and her God-Laurie herself, what I'm interested in is the trends she represents.

It's been the mantra of left-wingers from Shanghai to New York for years that their opponents are the ones willing to misrepresent the truth to get the desired results. Was it true or not is hard for me to judge-I was vested political junky back then, but being a kid and living in a communist country behind the Iron Curtain definitely skewed my perspective. The recent status quo is lot easier to determine, the above quote from Ms Penny is a good example of where journalism is going. The questions that bothers many of us is why are they doing it and I think a closer look at this medium article may provide one of the answers. As usual it skips the part with the facts and presses hard on the emotional side of the story presenting us with a dark, foggy atmosphere where insane villains laugh hysterically while plotting to overtake the world.

Does she really see the world this way? Republicans-bad, Us-good? Sounds bit shallow, isn't it? Especially for someone credited as one of the " most influential figures on the left", which is an accomplishment similar to winning the special Olympics, I know but still...It's interesting how feminism-inspired pundits invented and circulated a new word covering a concept they made up-"othering". Interestingly this is exactly what we see in this article written by someone supposed to be a pen warrior against it. The little, fragile girl in the Wonderland of Evil shrinking between her own shoulders, but brave enough to enter the lair of the beast. And all the big, evil republicans, right wingers and other scum surround her trying to intimidate her. Because we all know they hate women, right? Right?Wrong. The only one othering humans in order to turn them into objects that night was Laurie. And for the very reasons she projects on her opponents-it's easier to hate them that way, after you took the human face off them.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Islamophobia is a meme for low IQ virtue-signalers

Let me tell you about islamophobia. If you throw this term around you are the epitome of everything that went wrong with western educational system in the last decades. The typical know-nothing-but-got-my-diploma cliche. Not sure how it is for you, but for most people religion, political beliefs or musical preferences are not who we are. They might shape us in important ways and be deeply ingrained in us, but they are not static. You learn about religion, politics and music, those are preferences that can be changed.  Are charities fighting cancer bigoted?lLet me remind you we don't still fully understand how cancer works, but from all we know it's probably part of anyone suffering from it more than their political or religious beliefs are. If I believe someone is ill and his disease is contagious does worrying about him make me a bigot? Does being afraid of getting contaminated make me one?

Last thing you should remember: islamophobia has been coined as a term by the Muslim Brotherhood, organisation recognized as terrorist throughout middle east  and parts of Europe and surviving such label in the US due to political games and the money backing them from radical Islamic governments. Same organisation whose manifesto has been intercepted in the 90s and which openly states their plans to lead jihad against the west through deception, destabilizing governments and order we have here. If you spam this meme like a brainwashed parrot you are playing right into the hands of these people.

 Now go fuck off #prayingforNice it will really changed the world.