Sunday, 3 April 2016

How I travelled through time

Today I realized I am a traveler through time. Wasn't as easy to figure it but it suddenly hit me as I was browsing twitter and stumbled upon this:

So I come from the distant past 20 years ago when I started pursuing an early retirement plan. To achieve that in a destroyed Eastern European country while not being a genius and still preserving some morals I had to give on many things. Gaming and night life are the 2 I always knew of in particular. Now I came to understand news is something I gave up on too. For last I remember when I took on my travel through time from communist Bulgaria Independent was the enemy. Guardian too, even Morning Star was not in favour of the workers around the world enough to be ally of the communists.

You may point these views are quite far from what Marx has ever taught as the progressive way of thinking on display is shaped by few fringe 20 th century philosophers and rightly so. "Progressives" and Tumbler communists are as far from the original ideology as Mao was from Ayn Rand. The thing is before my younger self departed on his travel he used to read a lot including ever foreign newspaper I could lay my hands on and the sentiment in such media was that communism is wrong, equality of outcome too.Even Morning Star was all about equality inside the current economical and political system-ironic, isn't it?

 Oppressors, victims when it seemed we have just shaken off such dichotomy, how did we go back so fast? And your race or gender being more important than the social status of your parents? You know what, any black woman from a rich household can mail me-I ll trade my white penis for her millions and never look back.So how did the popular opinion shift to sympathizing to this weird, victimhood- narrated reflection of marxism? I don't know, I only recently arrived here.

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