Friday, 6 May 2016

Jonathan and the superiority complex

Remember Jonathan Butler? The guy that leftist media(I m absolutely unironically including CNN among those) left speak in his own words so the only way the public heard about the incidents in which Butler was key figure was through his own descriptions . That kinda put bit of a dent on his claim that the USA is a country with deeply ingrained white racism that hurts him as a black dude. You'd expect bias against the black dude from racist media, not undisguised support.

Yea bro, you look just like Ghandi, now if you could ACT like him that would be nice

Jonathan is now back  telling everyone who disagrees with him that they are part of the problem.
Dear Jonathan, do you know who else but you is famed for using the phrase "if you are not with us you are against us"? I'll help you since I suspect you took too much "progressive" studies to have any actual knowledge of history and I'm afraid as true American you already exclaimed "Jesus!". The correct answer however is comrade Lenin for he made a state-wide policy based on this way of thinking. Another notorious example of someone who did not respect the right of others to be neutral would be Genghis Khan attributed with saying "I will consider a declaration of neutrality to be a declaration of war against me." 
Here is someone with real problems Jonathan and I hate to say it but yours are not.You started a hunger strike over a poop swastika(another reason to question what you learned in Uni-there were no black people in the death camps you idiot) and someone calling the N word a friend of yours. Wait, this friend of yours? The one that admitted of creating hate crime hoax? Yes, this was the "credible" source that sparked your outrage.So what did wake your anger and resentment, what started the revolutionary fire or "concerned students"? An edgy troll attempt (anonymous, just saying) and an alleged racial slur from a guy who outed himself as a race-baiter.You said you just wanted freedom and justice, but you were pleased with getting served the head of the uni president on a platter. That guy was feeding a family , but with the arrogance so typical for rich kids you never cared about that, did you?The moral position you're coming from seems backed by your hunger strike and nothing else. And as the whole world saw how you threat unbiased journalists trying to cover your protest I'm sitting on the fence how real said hunger strike was.

I just want to ask you one thing dear Jonathan. Would you stop by a random homeless white man on the street, look him in the eyes and tell him how low you think of him because he has all this white privilege and yet he's there on the street while your oppressed father is worth 20 million? Does that mean the homeless man is a totally worthless piece of shit? Because it sounds like this is exactly what you think.Middle class white citizen that has achieved what Jonathan's dad did has merely cashed in on his white privilege. The real achievement is when you are handicapped. Starting from scratch and getting somewhere means nothing if you are white. Can you sense how that gives our SJW hero a sense of superiority? It is undeniable. So we get back to why did he feel the need to show up and tell everyone that disagrees with him that they are part of the problem. To put it simple-they are putting under question his superiority complex.

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