Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The new bimbo

The era of sexual freedom arrived in the sixties and it changed humanity in many different and unexpected ways. Young people of every new generation get the ability to more and more freely hit on each other and  evaluate each others attractiveness. Thus since then we're getting into the unknown waters where almost every part of our potential partner is exposed before we even decide if we should attempt to date them. It also added to the sexualization of men as objects. Fit male bums were a thing since I was a kid(heck, that was back in the 80s) and cashing in on your pretty face disregarding your origins or intellect is no longer a female privilege. Male model is a thing and it's a profession bringing in good money(not as much as female but still) and actors that are nothing special but a pretty face every housewife would love to cuddle have been part of our lives for couple of generations. So a little bit under the radar it seems a new phenomenon emerged. We all know what the derogatory term bimbo means-an empty headed doll, presumably female. The implication that pretty people have it easier to a point where they often don't have to work hard for anything and fail to develop their natural abilities is not deep beneath the surface. It could be read in other, more sexist line of thought but that is not our goal here. Instead let's think rationally-what saves modern men from becoming bimbos? As a matter of fact-nothing. Societal norms are preventing us from seeing such process unfold as when a blonde girl becomes famous partially because of her looks the media wants to hear her opinions of the world no matter how stupid they are. They will twist and fit until they find the appropriate questions to be asked-like what is her favourite colour or what ice cream she likes the most, but they'll  bring their audience what's needed. For men however stereotypes make us hold them to a higher standard-we would always expect them to speak on politics or philosophy where applying the logic with female pretties media should only discuss sports with such individuals.And here is when the plot thickens and we come to the very reason, I m wasting some of my free time writing this:

So here's the guy who sold his looks and made buck of that checking in every mark in the stereotypes of a bimbo box. It is not uncommon for someone that became rich and famous due to one specific quality to start believing he is above those grey nominal people surrounding him in every other aspect that we can compare humans too. And Ben Afleck here proves to be the ultimate bimbo, jumping to idiotic conclusions because religion and politics-it can't be that hard, right? Everybody knows everything needed to be known about these 2 popular topics. In his simplistic, atavistic views Islam means brown people-automatically good and whoever opposes that is a racist. If you haven't watched the video and are unaware of the utter idiocy of contemporary "progressives" you'll find it hard to believe someone can hold and express such confused and simplified ideas so if that applies to you I encourage you to watch Ben confirm my story in his own words.

And to get on to the topic, here is the latest example

Pretty incoherent, isn't it? Really hard to analyze and criticize a statement when the speaker is not sure what he wants to say, except that he wants to shine as someone that is modern and not backwards. Just like a seal would join it's herd when it hears them barking George felt the need to add something to the dialogue and predictably ended up hardly putting two sentences together.Now, I m not saying Trump didn't stretch his populism game bit too far, while I still think he is the much needed for the world change he would've been better off cutting his comments to the point of "build the wall" whereas "they send their rapists here was controversial to say the least. But the generic arguments that Clooney was trying to shove down the throats of the audience were a serious insult to the average IQ of everyone present. We are not afraid of women? Given Trump's history how is he supposed to be afraid of women or mistreating them? But regressive masses are simple as I already pointed-they have one course of action, one set of words and oddly enough don't ever consider how that discredits their beliefs-if not for them at least they should think how would it sound to a rational, neutral listener. As of now they are like the snake who only has one course of action to any encounter that involves something bigger than her-bite and run. Racist, homophobe, islamophobe they shout.

Someone criticizing Islam can do it for bigoted reasons, but those reasons can not include racism Ben, you idiot.  And dear Trigglypuff as Milo politely explained to you it is weird to call a racist homophobe a gay dude with preference of dating blacks(btw my spellchecker claims there are no such words as homo and islamophobe-how racist!).

And with mr Clooney here we saw that whole process summed up-he dumped all the right buzzwords(even implied instead of straight up using them to sound smarter) while nodding his head under the perfect angle so we could all enjoy the perfectness of his profile. Yup George, we can all see it now-you are just another stupid, male bimbo.

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