Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Why Sargon is right

So recently popular Youtuber Sargon of Akkad unleashed a furious rant on something that worries many of us-the indoctrination of young people in Western Universities. The examples he provides in the clip speak for themselves, the results that said indoctrination brings to our society are also there for all to see.  The results of that indoctrination have cumulative effect that we are only starting to see. So there were really a lot of critics from the Youtubers and there were some tweets as well.

The examples I point are from people that theoretically should be on the same front with Sargon-an outspoken critic of the rising tide of intersectional feminism mixed with new trend in left political thinking-one that Majid Nawaz quite creatively coined as the regressive left. Those critics to me seem too knee-jerk. They all seem to omit the fact that a petition at Change.org doesn't hold any official value and it is in no way a document that could bring change by itself. Now if we write off the option that Sargon is an idiot who doesn't understand that, which I think anyone that has watched his videos will agree is not the case, the only possible explanation of him starting the petition is that he wants to start a conversation with raised bets, to push the whole argument on a higher level. I don't know if I m alone in this(now I know it's at least me and Sargon) , but with every new idiocy of social justice-programmed zombies I felt there is a need for this problem to be scrutinized by the whole society and by governmental institutions.

There has been "straight-out-of-Tumbler" quotes sneaking in the speeches of both democratic candidates for the US presidential elections. Doesn't necessary mean they believe in the regressive left values, it means they noted the change of the young, voting demographic opinions and tried to adjust accordingly. We see similar trends on lower political level in the UK and Sweden and Canada have been the flagships of course. And yes-this is exactly how politicians act, they don't care which is wrong and which is right, they only want to say and enact whatever will bring them to power. So it is weird for me that so many people that agree that the new "progressive" left is cancer don't see how by remaining silent or bashing it in their echo-chamber on Twitter or Youtube they are enabling it.

In the tweeter examples I bring everyone can see what we are talking about: racial hatred, unrestricted bigotry and I mean...come on SOFT segregation? As a father from Eastern Europe(i.e. since I can afford there hasn't be doubt till now in my mind I'll send my daughter to a good Western uni) I definitely am concerned. I don't want some loon to attack my daughter just because she is white and I can see development that can lead to such grim future. I don't want her to become self-hating, blue-haired retard spouting nonsense in scientifically covered feminism-speak. She may do mistakes, but those must be the mistakes of her own.

So yeah, I signed the petition and I've been thinking of more initiatives this time on behalf of concerned parents like myself-after all if nothing else unis might listen to us as potential customers they are about to lose.

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