Friday, 15 July 2016

Islamophobia is a meme for low IQ virtue-signalers

Let me tell you about islamophobia. If you throw this term around you are the epitome of everything that went wrong with western educational system in the last decades. The typical know-nothing-but-got-my-diploma cliche. Not sure how it is for you, but for most people religion, political beliefs or musical preferences are not who we are. They might shape us in important ways and be deeply ingrained in us, but they are not static. You learn about religion, politics and music, those are preferences that can be changed.  Are charities fighting cancer bigoted?lLet me remind you we don't still fully understand how cancer works, but from all we know it's probably part of anyone suffering from it more than their political or religious beliefs are. If I believe someone is ill and his disease is contagious does worrying about him make me a bigot? Does being afraid of getting contaminated make me one?

Last thing you should remember: islamophobia has been coined as a term by the Muslim Brotherhood, organisation recognized as terrorist throughout middle east  and parts of Europe and surviving such label in the US due to political games and the money backing them from radical Islamic governments. Same organisation whose manifesto has been intercepted in the 90s and which openly states their plans to lead jihad against the west through deception, destabilizing governments and order we have here. If you spam this meme like a brainwashed parrot you are playing right into the hands of these people.

 Now go fuck off #prayingforNice it will really changed the world.

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