Sunday, 31 July 2016

Why there were no revolutions in communist societies

Alright so first off the western idea that left means anti authoritarian is ridiculous. To pursue the idea of communism you need continuity. That by itself excludes the idea of democracy. What if people change their ideas tomorrow and vote someone that drops the course towards communism? From practical point of view you have all that time and working hours invested that will go to a complete waist if you decide to change the political regime. From ideological point democracy sounds even worse-you are going in the only right direction out of many possible, why would you let someone that has the wrong direction in mind to the elections? Therefore a communist regime has to be a dictatorship and other political parties can not be present under such rule.I can not claim it was on purpose nor that it was natural political evolution and instincts that lead to it but here is how that dictatorship was imposed and masked.

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