Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Our kid belongs to me!

So yesterday I witnessed a conversation between a friend of mine and his girlfriend-a couple since 5 months.He made a remark about his female colleagues spending the whole break in the toilets(the context was he couldn't pass a gift to one of them ). Somehow his girlfriend saw a generalized statement in that(implication that women spend too much time for banter) and went on a weird tirade.Although she is one of the few Bulgarian girls that I know interested in the rise of 3th wave feminism she didn't adopt the rhetoric we all too well know already, but instead started recounting the pros and cons of both sexes acting as if she was a fan at a football game.She made a list of things men do only because the Patriarchy gives them advantages and another of the sufferings of women under said Patriarchy, but most importantly she went on and on how there are obvious, scientifically proven facts of female superiority. Women are smarter, they are prettier(no one argues this one actually) and they are overall better workers due to being able to concentrate properly unlike men.If those are her beliefs they are bit contradictory but fine by me. What shocked me was when she touched on reproduction rights.If I were trying to defend the cause of feminism I would stay away from that topic or skip it with the usual excuses-"Yeah, sucks for fathers, but feminism is against those laws, they're obviously part of Patriarchy but so hard to fight such laws". To my remark that if people love and trust each other they don't need social sciences to teach them what's good for them and what not(how did THAT manage to trigger her?) she reacted with anger and disbelief.
-There is one thing that makes you dirty swines even-she almost screamed(we were waiting in a cue in McDonald's)-You make us girls cry but when we have babies from you it's time for you to cry. Because I can take my baby away any moment I want and you'll even pay me to raise it away from you.
To add context here she often calls men pigs or swines adding a sarcastic smile implying it's all in good humour-something the people around us couldn't know tho.
Did she realize she went bit too far at that moment? It seemed she didn't, she went on to rant about something else flawlessly.Was that a wake up call for my friend? I' m afraid not.

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