Wednesday, 27 July 2016

When Laurie met Milo

So the radical left blogger of some notoriety and huge self-importance Laura Barnett(pen name Laurie Penny) wrote a touching and horrifying report on her night out with Milo Yiannopoulos, the dangerously funny colleague of her from the other side of the political spectrum. Among cheap jabs at his identity as conservative which the latte-ridden, Oxford University educated communist Laurie took you could notice a line threading through the whole article-her hate and contempt of everything that does not fall in line with what she believes is true. I'm willing to skip the fact that she took Milo's desire to troll her for genuine interest(anyone aware of the internet culture in the last 10 years would understand that, even some of my barely literate fellow mmo-gamers), after all self-importance is a viable foundation around which the personality of each rabid feminist's ego is built.

But I'm not willing to write about Laurie and her God-Laurie herself, what I'm interested in is the trends she represents.

It's been the mantra of left-wingers from Shanghai to New York for years that their opponents are the ones willing to misrepresent the truth to get the desired results. Was it true or not is hard for me to judge-I was vested political junky back then, but being a kid and living in a communist country behind the Iron Curtain definitely skewed my perspective. The recent status quo is lot easier to determine, the above quote from Ms Penny is a good example of where journalism is going. The questions that bothers many of us is why are they doing it and I think a closer look at this medium article may provide one of the answers. As usual it skips the part with the facts and presses hard on the emotional side of the story presenting us with a dark, foggy atmosphere where insane villains laugh hysterically while plotting to overtake the world.

Does she really see the world this way? Republicans-bad, Us-good? Sounds bit shallow, isn't it? Especially for someone credited as one of the " most influential figures on the left", which is an accomplishment similar to winning the special Olympics, I know but still...It's interesting how feminism-inspired pundits invented and circulated a new word covering a concept they made up-"othering". Interestingly this is exactly what we see in this article written by someone supposed to be a pen warrior against it. The little, fragile girl in the Wonderland of Evil shrinking between her own shoulders, but brave enough to enter the lair of the beast. And all the big, evil republicans, right wingers and other scum surround her trying to intimidate her. Because we all know they hate women, right? Right?Wrong. The only one othering humans in order to turn them into objects that night was Laurie. And for the very reasons she projects on her opponents-it's easier to hate them that way, after you took the human face off them.

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