Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Have you ever considered how ironically easy it is to contradict yourself while fanboying around an important issue? The fighters against islamophobia are often prime examples. Let's examine the following exchange:
Anne Marie Waters is a leader in the much hated by leftists and big media PegidaUK.Now I get it, this is an organization that steps into muddy waters-anti immigration politics has always been the backbone of the white supremacy movements. The thing is their stated goals do not contain anything resembling "kill all blacks" or "Europe for white people". They say they oppose Islam and mass immigration for fear of losing local national identity and due to Islam's notorious hostility towards people that refuse to convert to it.That can't be racist UNTIL AND IF those goals get tied to a racial or gender identity.You can't just imply you read the mind of someone and accuse him of nasty things. You can't also tie certain ideas to one another because they were tied in previously in some ideologies.You can have your suspicions, but saying "I know that you are a racist" is bigoted and self-contradiction. Since any statement can pursue political agenda you may have also be blamed that very accusation is biased and manipulative and since this has happened before such claim would be as true/untrue as yours.

My girlfriend often cites something of a credo she developed in her teenage "I never trust people that wrongly think bad of myself-people always think of the others as similar to them.And really good people trust others have good intentions too and only those that done or thought bad always suspect the others into being in the wrong". So can we give each other the benefit of the doubt, always start with the assumption that what was said was coming from a good place? I believe this will make us better people.

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