Saturday, 9 April 2016

The absurd controversy that islamic patriarchy sparks in "progressive" minds

When confronted with the fact that the muslim community in the West which they tend to patronize is the one with most sins against the empowerment of women "progressives" react differently. The outright denial of plainly laid in front of them facts speaks volumes how deep their wicked belief that Islam and liberal movement have a common fight has been planted.Such form of arguing can be won as yet another case unfolds and gets mainstream media attention depending how thick the "progressives" skull is.What is even more shocking is how modern day crusaders for social justice read the facts when they admit it.

Let's compare the situation replacing muslim kids with ANY other 2 boys refusing to shake their female teacher's hand. You shrugged imagining the twitter shitstorm didn't you?In the last 2 years we have seen careers  destroyed over statements that could obviously be read both ways-as sexist and as innocent.But when an obviously backwards believe leads to an obviously sexist act the same hate mob tends to excuse it with-"But those are these boy's traditions, this is their culture". Tradition and culture that tell men women are lesser than them? Hello guys, let me connect the blue dots for you-this is the mythical patriarchy you've been looking for!

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